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Scenes of London

The weary traveller arrives at Heathrow

Bekah left LA for a 10 hr. flight to London. Her first flight!

We saw some of the sights from the London Eye.

London from above

The London Eye glass gondola

Lee and Dee - cruising friends

We meet former cruising friends in London. We have not seen them for more than 8 years.

Big Ben

The famous clock tower is part of the British Parliament building.

Taking a ride on the river Thames

The London Eye is in the background

British Museum

Bekah's wish is to visit the Egyptian section of the British Museum

Hello Mummy!

More mummies

Egyptian artifacts

Egyptian statues

More Egyptian artifacts

Controversial "Elgin Marbles"

Parts of the marble frieze along the top of Athen's Parthenon were remove by Lord Elgin and taken to be displayed in the British Museum. They were supposedly taken to preserve them. Greece has always wanted them back.

"Elgin Marbles"

Waiting in the "Tube."

London Pub

Feeding the Queen's swans

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