April to July 2003
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Red Sea - Mediterranean (1937 nautical miles from 4/04/03 to 13/07/03)



Avg. Speed Distance Avg. Course Wind Weather


Port Said, Egypt to Antalya, Turkey (350 nautical miles)
13/07/03 36550'N
4.5 kts. 97nm 343 WSW-N 1-6 kts. Clear Continued motoring in light winds as it swung around from WSW to N and finally S.  As on our earlier approach we could see the Turkish coast from 30 miles away, and by 0900 we were snuggly tied up at Setur Antalya Marina.
12/07/03 3524.6'N
5.5 kts. 118nm 343 WSW 8-12 kts. Clear Still motor-sailing in light northerly winds.  Finally winds have backed enough to sail, but are too light to make more and 2.5 kts - so still motoring.  88 nautical miles to go - hope to be in Antalya early Sunday morning.
11/07/03 3331.6'N
4.8 kts 116nm 343 NW 8-12 kts. Clear Motor-sailing in order to keep on rhumb line since wind is right on the nose.  Seas a bit lumpy, but good first night with good sleep.
10/07/03 3138.5'N
4.4 kts. 24nm (noon position) 345 NNW 8-12 kts. Clear Left Port Said breakwater at 0745.  Seas very lumpy.  Finally in the Mediterranean!
Hurghada to Port Said, Egypt (280 nautical miles)
9/07/03 3115.4'N
6 kts. 40mn 358 NW 15-20 kts. Clear Spend 2 days in Ismailia.  Pilot (also named Mohammed) arrived at 0545 to make the 2nd half of the Canal transit.  Tied up at the decrepit and rolly YC in Port Said at 1330 hrs.  Will spend the night and take off for Turkey in the morning 
6/07/03 3035.1'N
5.5 kts 40 nm 340 NW 10-18 kts. Clear

Left Suez YC and entered Suez Canal at 11am with our pilot, Mohammed.  Ship ahead of us had mechanical problems, and ran aground.  This caused a 1 hour delay to all vessels in the canal as tugs moved the ship to an anchorage.  Reached Ismailia YC halfway through the canal at 2030 hrs.

3/07/03 29 56.8'N
4.5 72 334 10-16 Clear Shortly after midnight the wind picked up and a short, choppy sea developed, slowing us to to 2.5 - 4.0 knots; tried tacking to take seas on quarter but this improved our VMG very little.  By afternoon wind eased and we approached Suez as the sun set, pulling into Suez yacht Club at 2130.
2/07/03 27 46.9'N
5.0 100 313 6-8 Clear Left Abu Tig 0700 and motored all day on relatively smooth seas except for 4 hours on the approach to El Tor. Passed many oil wells with gas burning flares.
Sudan to Hurghada, Egypt  (646 nautical miles)
13/05/03 2724.44N 3340.5E 4.5 kts 22 nm 340 5-15 nm Clear Left the awful anchorage in Hurghada as soon as light permitted and motored to Abu Tig Marina.  Finally a place to plug in and wash the boat!  We plan to stay for about 2 weeks and tour Egypt.
12/05/03 2713.7N 3350.7E 4.5 kts 20 nm 333 NNW  10-20 Clear Rounded Ras Abu Soma with lots of wind which dropped down once we cleared the point.  Motor-sailed into 12-15 kts of wind to Hurghada.
11/05/03 269.82N 3357.16E NW 15-22kts Clear Rest day in Ras Abu Soma to prepare ourselves for the final 20 mile "assault" to Hurghada harbor and Abu Tig Marina!
10/05/03 2632.2N 3408.3 5.8-6.0 kts. 125 nm 330 NW 8-22 kts Clear Winds light until about 0230 hours when they picked up quickly to 16-22 kts.  We were about 30 miles from shelter, so were forced to motor into wind and seas. Winds  dropped for a few hours just after sunrise, but then picked up again.  We diverted course to enter the reefy S entrance of Safaga harbor about 20 miles away in order to gain shelter from the seas behind the reefs.   7 hours later we were safely anchored in Ras Abu Soma about 2.5 miles north of Safaga.
9/05/03 2449.2N 3512.1E 5.5 kts. 330 NW 5-8 kts. Clear Left Sharm Luli at 0830 for an overnight trip to Ras Abu Soma north of Sagafa.
8/05/03 2436.52N 3506.91N 5 kts. 303 NNW 10 kts. Clear Anchor down in Sharm Luli around 1030 hours.   Stopped here to get fuel, but facilities are very "basic", as in almost none existant.
7/05/03 2311.6N 3621.8E 5 kts 136nm 336 NNW 6-8 kts. Clear Motor-sailing in light winds. The constant drone of the engine lulls us to sleep.  We pray to the engine "god" to keep it running.
6/05/03 21�23.5N 3706.6E 5 kts, 330 N 5 Clear Left Khor Shin-ab around 11am to head north up the coast to Egypt for 2 overnighters.
5/05/03 2120.97N 3700.62'E Lay-day in Khor Shin-ab as we decide to enjoy this incredible place.  Went ashore in late afternoon and climbed a hill to get a  view of the desert scenery and colors (Gold, pinks, reds) - spectacular!
4/05/03 2120.97N 3700.62'E 5.5 kts. 90nm 360 N-NW 3-10 Cloudy/ Hazy Motored through the night with light rain and lightning on shore.  Entered Khor (Inlet/creek) Shin-ab around 0930 and motored about 3 miles in to a beautiful desert anchorage.
3/05/03 2008.4'N 3717.7E  4.8 kts.  008 N 6-8 Hazy Left Marsa Fijab around 0900 to do an overnight passage to Khor Shinab.    Light northerly winds
2/05/03 20 01.99'N 37 11.56'E 5 kts 25nm 333 N 8-12 Clear Left with our sailing partner, Herodotus, to motor  north to Marsa Fijab.   Anchored behind beautiful, wide reef for a peaceful night.  Many ospreys and flamingos in area.
1/05/03 1936.50'N 3713.35'E 5.8 10nm 354 NNE 6-10 Clear Left Suakin to sail 30 miles to Port Sudan.  Anchor down in this busy, but dirty port, 3pm
Eritrea to Sudan (661 nautical miles)
23/04/03 1906.48'N 3720.24' E 4.5 kts. 18nm 354� N 10-12 Clear The winds were from the north, but light so we decided to go for it, a short motor-trip directly into 10-12 knots in small seas along the coast.  We entered Suakin Harbor shortly after noon with good visibility.
22/04/03 18 52.81'N 37 24.83' E 0 0 0 ESE/ENE 6-15 Clear Lay day as we waited for winds to ease as leaving would involve motoring into headwinds or tacking through numerous reefs.
21/04/03 18 52.81'N 37 24.83' E 4.5 kts. 16nm 290� NNW 14-18 Clear Pulled up anchor when we thought we had good visibility and set out for Shubuk channel.  This is a 15 mile slalom course through small islands and reefs, in our case dead into the wind.  We had a few moments as we missed one marker (or it was missing) but in the end pulled into our first Marsa, Sheik Ibrahim. Ashore were fishermen
20/04/03 18.�46.5N 37�39.44E 4.5 kts. 90nm 302� ESE/ENE 6-15 Clear Had to reduce sail to slow down our progress so that we would not arrive before dawn.  Anchored next to Herodotus and chatted via VHF.  We offer to tow them out of the anchorage if they decide to move. Their options are to sail to Saukin, Sudan; Port Sudan;  Safaga Egypt or Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  They decide to sail to either Port Sudan or Safaga, Egypt.  They are able to  sail out of the anchorage and we raise anchor and move to Long Island, a place with a lovely lagoon and flamingos.
19/04/03 17�47.6N 38�47.2E 5.5 kts. 136nm 340� SE 10-20 Clear Motorsailing in light S winds.  Finally turned off engine at noon when winds built. Heading for Shubuk Channel in Sudan.  Our friends on sailing vessel Herodotus had a major engine failure when their engine seized up.  They have anchored near a small island in the Channel.  We hope to rendezvous with them tomorrow morning.
18/04/03 15�49.5N 39�28.1E 5.5 kts. 345� ENE/SE 10-18 Clear Left Massawa Harbor at 0920 intending to travel 25 nm to a small island/reef anchorage.
10/04/03 15�37.4N 39�43.9E 6.0 kts. 133nm 302� SE 15-21 Clear Good day's run.  Wind up and down.  Had the autopilot steering for a while, but about 9pm, the winds came back and we had to hand steer again.  About 1am, the winds ease and shifted dramatically. to the SW and then NW.  We finally arrived in Massawa harbor about 3pm, having sailed 158 nm in 1 1/2 days.
9/04/03 14�20.8N 41�33.4E 5.8 kts. 35nm 320� SE 15-26 Clear Finally the wind eased enough for us to leave Mersa Duda anchorage and head toward Massawa.  Winds are up but we are making good progress.  Because the seas are so big, we must hand-steer as the auto pilot is not strong enough.
8/04/03 13�51.89N 41�54.34E 0 0 ESE 20-45 Clear Another lay-day as winds howled outside.  Reports from 100 miles to our north indicated milder conditions, but we decided to avoid the big seas and remain anchored for the day.
7/04/03 13�51.89N 41�54.34E 0 0 ESE 25-40 Clear Winds howled all night, and a sand-storm blew during the day.  We decided to remain anchored for the day, and collect sand on the decks.
6/04/03 13�51.89N 41�54.34E 5.5 kts 60nm 320� ESE 15-30 Clear We set out from Ras Terma shortly after first light (0615) and motored north in light winds to Mersa Duda.  The winds started to build at noon, and by the time we turned it was blowing 20-25, and 30 by the time we anchored in 16'. Two locals swam out the the boat and asked to see our passports (Ha!)- they departed with 2 Cokes and a couple of candy bars.
5/04/03 13�11.64N 42�29.76E 5 kts 15nm 312� ESE 15-25 Clear We left Assab Harbor, Eritrea at 0800 hrs.  to sail to Ras Terma anchorage  The port was almost deserted and we never talked to anyone even though we tried several times on the VHF radio to reach the harbormaster.  The winds were light about 5-8 kts., but built to 15-25 by the time we entered the "anchorage" at Ras Terma.  We anchored next to a tiny  island which looked like a rubble of rocks in 25 kts. of wind and 1 ft.  bouncy seas.
4/04/03 13�00.17N 42�44.62E 6 kts 160nm 300� ESE 15-30 Clear Winds overnight started light and built to 25 by daybreak. We entered the small strait at Bad El Mandeb at 0830 and 20-30 knot SE winds and a helping current chased us 30 miles into Assab Harbor in Eritrea.  We anchored by the S Wharf in fairly sheltered waters.  We are now in the Red Sea!.

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