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Marmaris Yacht Marine hosted a trip to the Istanbul Boat show for a group of 40+ cruisers.   To find out more, read the Journal entry for Feb 2005

[Day 1] [Day 2] [Party at Babylon Nightclub]

Day 1 - Marmaris Yacht Marine Booth and Dinner hosted by Marina

Yacht Marine cruisers at Istanbul Boat Show

Istanbul Boat Show - Marmaris Yacht Marine booth

Band at Marmaris Yacht Marine booth at Istanbul Boat Show

"Sea Shanty" singers (cruisers) at Istanbul Boat Show

Mr. Bilgen - owner of Marmaris Yacht Marine

David and Janet (NZ) - s/y Chanticleer at the dinner hosted by the marina

Day 2 - Sightseeing

Aya Sofia in misty twilight

Photo courtesty of Dan, s/y Dakare

Ornate interior of Aya Sofia

Photo courtesty of Dan, s/y Dakare

Aya Sofia lovely marble alcove

Aya Sofia delicately craved column

Mosaic of Jesus and John the Bapist

Mosaic of Mary, Jesus and Emperor and Empress

Basilica Cistern interior

Photo courtesy of Dan s/y Dakare

Beautiful reflection Basilica Cistern in Istanbul

Photo courtesy of Dan s/y Dakare

Fruit juice vendors in traditional dress

Photo courtesy of Dan, s/y Dakare

Judi stops for a refreshing drink

Stopping for a shoeshine

Incredible atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar - Photo courtesy of Dan s/y Dakare

Hospitality Party at Babylon Nightclub hosted by Naviga Magazine

Dan - s/y Dakare, at Boat show party at Babylon nightclub with band leader

Fabulous 8-piece band

Party at Babylon nightclub - Bill and Jean s/y Soleil san Fin

Bruce and Maggie (Scots) - s/y Fotherby

This band sang everything from Abba to arias from the opera, Carmen


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