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Northern Thailand is known for their elephants and we saw them everywhere we went

Chiang Mai  & Mae Hong Son  

Fabulous elephant safari Sharon & Stephanie on Jumbo.jpg (26265 bytes)   Wet elephant ride.jpg (25182 bytes)   Sharon feeding elephant in Chaing Mai.jpg (20035 bytes)
Chiang Mai Elephant Camp where the elephants put on a show  Why don't you sit down   Walking across a log.jpg (18896 bytes)  An elephant shower   Crossing a river.jpg (22105 bytes)
An elephant feeding station along the jungle safari trail Elephant feeding station.jpg (21360 bytes)   Feeding your transportation.jpg (20485 bytes)     Bob & Judi on elephant ride.jpg (27912 bytes)
Crossing a river by elephant Elephant River crossing.jpg (19935 bytes)   Exiting the river on elephant.jpg (21558 bytes)  Jungle elephant ride.jpg (24943 bytes)



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