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Paint Hull Coach-roof and Cockpit

 This was a major undertaking - all old paint was sanded off, cracks and crazing was repaired, 2 coats of primer and a final coat of Awl-Grip was applied. Then a new boot-top (waterline) was painted and the cove stripe and Shannon scroll were painted in Gold. Finally the name was re-applied to the stern. We are very happy with the results, and Long Passages shines like she never has during our ownership.

Hull - Before and in Progress:

 Refit LP stern before.jpg (15308 bytes)   Hull showing gelcoat damage.jpg (10889 bytes)  Painting boot-top.jpg (17328 bytes)

Coachroof and cockpit:
  Coachroof during paint preparations.jpg (20914 bytes)   Cockpit being painted.jpg (16255 bytes)

The finished product:

Refit LP stern after 2.jpg (13052 bytes)   Refit LP stern after.jpg (11428 bytes) 
Cove stripe and Scroll.jpg (15645 bytes)  Hull glossy finish.jpg (11585 bytes)


Rebuilt Propane Locker  

In the US we had converted from CNG to propane at the last minute, and quickly built a locker to hold propane tanks.  With all of the talent available in Phuket, we decided to have it done properly, and had Kevin do the fiberglass work, Jill and Pro painted it, and Nai and Toe built the teak seat - much more elegant, we think.

Before: Helmsman & propane locker before.jpg (19323 bytes)

During: Helmsman & propane locker in progress.jpg (12509 bytes) Helmsman & propane locker being painted.jpg (12812 bytes)  

and after:  Helmsman seat finished.jpg (22417 bytes)


Installed new toerail and rubrail

The original toerail was only 1 1/2" high, and the rubrail had been damaged several times over the years.  Nai and Toe replicated the current Shannon design, and did a great job.

Toerail and paint after.jpg (8644 bytes)


Cockpit fitted with new cushions

These cushions were also 10 years old, and starting to fray - plus the closed cell foam was disintegrating due to UV exposure.  The new ones look great, but the new foam is hard and heavy; we will look for better foam in Turkey.

New Bimini fitted to cockpit

Muzza of Canvas Creations did a great job fitting a new bimini to our existing frame - it fits like a glove!

Removed obsolete hull fittings  

The boat had various hull fittings for vents and bow running lights that we have re-located.  We removed them and had Pro fill and paint them; there is no evidence of these old fittings. 

New Staysail Chainplate

The old staysail chainplate was a standard plate, bent in an 'L' shape penetrating the foredeck - a design destined to leak.  We have replaced it with a deck fitting, thru-bolted and fastened to the hull for strength.

 Before: Forestay chainplate - prior design.jpg (14013 bytes)  Now:  Forestay chainplate - new design.jpg (13272 bytes)

And we upgraded some systems for Safety and Security


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