Feb. 2002
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Week Ending 2 February 02 (Bob)

Low Key week - This week was pretty slow,  used mainly to allow Judi's traumatized muscles to recover from the surgeon's knife.  We have checked into a studio apartment for 2 weeks to take it easy.  At the beginning the week, Judi ventured out for a short day of window shopping, but found that walking around was very tiring.  By the end of the week, strength was returning and she could almost wield a credit card with the best of them!  Bob joined the local Gold's Gym, and has started 'pumping iron' to combat some of the Holiday cheer picked up in Oregon.  We capped off the week by watching the Super Bowl - and since we were cheering for the Patriots, we thought it was a great game! 

Week Ending 9 February 2002 (Judi)

Birds and Squirrels and Raccoons! (as opposed to Lion and Tigers and Bears). On Thursday of this week we left our hotel and moved in the Denis� Grandmother at her lovely home in Tallahassee so that Judi may continue her convalescence. This place is a regular nature park. Even though it is in the middle of a housing development, each day we are visited by a variety of beautiful birds such as cardinals, thrushes and sparrows to feed at the bird-feeder along with squirrels also eating at the feeder. Many nights we have visits from raccoons, which come up on the porch and beg for food at the glass sliding doors. It is a fabulous sight and we have really enjoyed it.

St. Augustine, Fla. and trip to Texas - Bob had to make one more trip to Texas to settle his sister�s affairs, so this entailed a 3-hour drive from Tallahassee to Jacksonville airport. Judi felt well enough to make the trip, so we decided to go over a day early and visit the oldest settled city in the US, St. Augustine. We had lunch at a lovely caf� on the beach and then drove up the coastline to Jacksonville. As we sat eating lunch, we realized that this was the first time in almost 10 years that we have seen the Atlantic Ocean. We thought that we would not see it again until we left Gibraltar in the Mediterranean. It was a gorgeous day and we marveled at the spectacular homes and wondered how they would survive a hurricane, as they were situated right on the beach.  We plan to stay another 2 weeks in Florida before flying back to Long Passages.

Week Ending 16 February 2002 (Bob)

Recuperating! Judi spent this week regaining her strength and agility.  She was surprised at how much the operation sapped her energy.  But each day was better, and by the end of the week she was feeding raccoons with the best of them.

Burial in Midland, Texas.  Bob had the sad chore of going through all of his sister's possessions, and keeping the souvenirs, filing the financial records, and donating goods to a local charity.  Dealing with the lawyers and court house kept Bob busy right up to airplane check-in time, but all important chores were finished.

Back at Denis'.  Upon Bob's return, we moved from the 'critter haven' back to Bob's son's house, and settled in to finish the convalescence 1/2 block from a Super Wal-Mart!

Week Ending 23 February 2002 (Bob)

Feeling much better! By this week Judi was able to shop on her own, and vie for clothes at Burdine's as well as before.  Years of training has obviously paid off.  Seriously, the muscles were recovering and only the credit card was groaning with distress!

A quick trip to Caracas, Venezuela and a bomb scare. Venezuela - Escuela Experimental Venezuela.jpg (23102 bytes) Bob has a property in Caracas and undertook a quick trip to verify its condition, and attempt to adjust the rent.  It turned into a little 'trip down memory lane' with side trips to the elementary school where he studied in the '50's (is he really that old?).  The Escuela Experimental Venezuela was celebrating its 63rd anniversary, and had scrap books out with pictures of its entire history - very interesting.  While wandering through the Sabana Grande shopping area, an abandoned briefcase stopped all traffic as the bomb squad cleared the pedestrian mall, backed the explosive-containment trailer in place and carried it away.  The guy who left it there after breakfast would probably be amazed at the results of his forgetfulness! 

Back in Tallahassee - fighting the Medical System.  Back in Tallahassee, we started to get our introduction to the new medical system in the US as we placed call after call to IBM, medical insurance companies, and drugstores to buy prescriptions at a reasonable price. Wow!  The processes have become so convoluted that it would appear that the only outfit making money is the drug/insurance provider (the drugstore manager threatened to quit and stow away on Long Passages!).


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