Feb. 2007
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Month ending 19 Feb 07 (Bob)

New Motorhome - As planned, we stopped in Tampa and picked up our 2004 Winnebago Itasca 30' motorhome - bigger than we had wanted, but hopefully comfortable for the next year.  So far it has tolerated our lack of attention as we focus on preening Long Passages for her new owners. 

Selling Long Passages - This has been an interesting exercise so far.  Several people have viewed her and told us it is the most beautiful one they have seen (including a sister-ship on a near-by canal).  Several brokers have shown an interest in listing her and several (probably bogus) emails have offered instant gratification if we just tell them our lowest selling price.  At the moment we have an offer, and are going down the path of concluding a deal - time will tell.  In the meantime we have been keeping busy with a few final projects; new canvas to spruce her up and a holding tank to make her legal in the USA

South Florida - At this time of year, with 12' of snow in upstate New York and blizzards roaring through the Mid-West, the 65-80�F temperatures are quite pleasant.  Even this week, when they dipped to 45�F at night were stimulating rather than unpleasant. 

Sorting - One of the chores that  has consumed our recent weeks is sorting and packaging the goods that were stashed aboard Long Passages.  We feel sorry for our trusty vessel as she has not complained as we loaded her down with literally a ton or two of 'stuff':

  • Books; needed for navigation and feeding the mind - probably 300#
  • Tools; probably 200#
  • Souvenirs - a selection from 30-45 countries visited over a 14-year period probably 200#
  • Clothing and shoes - for all seasons
  • Provisions - always planning for possible lean times - probably 200#
  • Spare parts - many will remain.
  • Safety gear - most of it fortunately unused

She will be rising higher later this week as we put her back in her element


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