Jan 2003 - Apr 2003
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Phuket, Thailand -Sri Lanka -Maldives -Oman -Red Sea (18/01/03 -4/04/03 )



Avg. Speed Distance Avg. Course Wind Weather


 Salalah, Oman to Red Sea
3/04/03 13�00.17N 42�44.62E 6 kts 160nm 300� ESE 15 Clear We cleared Aden Harbor midday on 3 April and headed for the Red Sea.  Winds overnight started light.
29/03/03 12�47.49N 44�58.79E 3.3 kts 266� ENE 12-17 Clear Of course the wind picked up to 18 kts. just as we were trying to slow down so that we would not arrive before daybreak.  In addition we had a 1.2 kt current pushing us along.  We finally took down all sail and just used boat windage to move us ahead of the wind at a speed of 2-3 kts.   We arrived at the ship channel at 0700 and were anchored in Aden harbor by 0800 hrs. where we planned to stay for about 4 days.
28/03/03 12�45.8N 46�03.6E 3.5 86nm 266� ENE 4-12 Clear Quiet day after our rough night before.  Light winds made for easy sailing.  Seas were smooth and flat.  We are sailing slowly along so that we may arrive in Aden, Yemen harbor at daylight. Lots of ships passing by on both sides.
27/03/03 12�51.7N 47�32.9E 4.5  kts 113nm 263� E NE 14-20 Clear Morning dawned and we had successfully transited the highest-risk piracy area, but had been separated from Tara 3 by about 3 miles.  Since the last 2 attacks happened mid-morning, we were somewhat concerned and so arranged to sail on a converging course to quickly get back together.   We were both up all night hand-steering, looking for pirates, dodging ships and communicating with Tara 3, so the rest of the day was spent catching up on sleep.  Sea conditions eased and we sailed comfortably along at about 3.5 knots. 
26/03/03 13�51.3N
3 kts. 85nm 237� ENE 14-22 Partly Cldy Reached the edge of the "Danger Zone" at last light and motor-sailed in 20-24 knots of wind behind us to go as fast as we could through the 30 miles of the most dangerous part.  2 larger yachts (Hesperine & Why Not) left Salalah a day after us and we all arrived at this spot at about 1930.  Our plan  with Tara 3 was to stay within 1/2 mile of each other.  No known boardings have happened during the night, so all boats now try to transit this area under cover of darkness.    Wind 20-24 knots and large swell so it is very difficult to stay close to Tara 3 in these conditions.
25/03/03 13�05.2N
3.5 kts. 89nm 237� ESE 10-17 Clear Slowly motor-sailing.  We are trying to reach the beginning of the piracy area off the Yemeni coast at last light, so are adjusting our speed to do so.  The wind picked up at night and so did the seas which makes for very rolly conditions because we had to keep our speed down.  Judi was rudely awakened from her sleep when a squid jumped through the center hatch onto her leg!  Wind came up at night and we had to hand-steer for several hours because the tiller-pilot/windvane combination wandered too much for the conditions and put us beam on to a large swell.  Very uncomfortable conditions.
24/03/03 14�39N
3.8 84nm 220� E 5-8 Partly Cldy Another light day as we travel in company with Tara 3. We are traveling this leg of the passage slowly so as to pass through a piracy area off the Yemeni coast at night.
23/03/03 15�41.7N
4 90nm 219� SE 4-10 Clear Left Salalah on 22 March and motored about half of the time in light winds. At noon a pod of hundreds of dolphins swam around the boat for 1/2 hour or more.
Uligan, Maldives to Salalah, Oman
5/03/03 16�56.3N
6.8 175nm 300� ENE 18-21 Partly Cldy We really pushed the last day, motor-sailing when necessary to keep our speed over 7 knots most of the way.  Swells were 10-12' until we got 100 miles from shore; they decreased again at about 30 miles from Salalah.  Pulled into Salalah at 1700 Oman time.
4/03/03 15�32.0N
4.8 111nm 300� NE 15-20 Partly Cldy Wind has decreased a little, and we have been able to steer further down-wind so we are headed at Salalah.  Looks like 1 1/2 days to go at the moment.  Seas 12-15 feet.
3/03/03 14�21.1N
5 113nm 320� N
Partly Cldy Wind is veering around to the N but the seas are rough and we struggled a little to avoid being boarded by waves on the beam - very uncomfortable day and night.
2/03/03 13�22.5N
4.5 109nm 300� NNW to N 7-20 Clear Winds started to build about noon on 1 Mar, and the seas followed.  It became rough and lumpy - we reefed down to 2d reef in main and full reef in mizzen as we sail close-reaching.
1/03/03 12�36.1N
4 101nm 303� NNE 1-15 Clear Wind all over the place this day at times as light as 1knot, others up to 15.  We motored quite a bit.
28/02/03 11�45.0E
4.5 108nm 304� NNE 8-12 Partly Cldy Wind speed good for sailing and we have a comfortable day and pass HALF-WAY mark.
27/02/03 10�46.4N
5 108nm 304� NNE 8-12 Clear Finally a full day of sailing - felt good! A few ships about but we are getting N of shipping lane. Tried drifter at 50� off the wind but unable to carry it until wind veers to NE.
26/02/03 10�10.76N
4.5 102nm 306� NNE 8-10 Partly Cldy Wind up a little, finally.  We put up the drifter (very light sail similar to a spinnaker) and sail with it the whole day.  Bob sees a very bright meteor
25/02/03 9�21.1N
4.2 100nm 302� N 6-8 Partly Cldy Similar to previous day.   Ships to the right - ships to the left of us.  Engine on, engine off.  We finally start sailing slowly to windward.
24/02/03 8�33.46N
4.5 110nm 310� NNE 5-8 Partly Cldy A frustrating day of little wind in the wrong direction.  Lots of motoring and dodging ships at night.
23/02/03 7�35.6N
4.5 kts 105nm 300� 5-12 kts Ptly Cld A little sailing, a little motor-sailing - we had variable conditions over-night. We put 'Betsy' our trusty windvane back in service and she steered us beautifully with her new bearings.
22/02/03 7�10.1N
4.5 kts 20nm 282� 10-12 kts Clear After a beautiful 6 days in Uligan, set out for Oman into moderate NNW winds and thus spent the first day close-hauled sailing 20� south of our rhumb-line in smooth seas.
Galle, Sri Lanka to Uligan, Maldives
16/02/03 7�05.1N
3 kts 40nm 276� 3-10 kts Clear Slowly motored to Uligama so that we may arrive when sun is overhead to aid in seeing coral reefs in the water.  Anchored at 1130 at an incredibly beautfiul tropical island with sugary-white beaches and turquiose waters.  Plan to stay about 4 days.
15/02/03 6�58.2N
4.5 105nm 276� 3-12 kts. Clear Moonlit night very bright with a big full moon.  Very good for passage making.  Winds very light or non existent.  Sailed most of the night but  we have been motoring off/on all day.  Sea very calm.  Except for the engine noise, it is very peaceful and beautiful.  We should arrive at the pass into Uligama sometime in the morning. 
14/02/03 6�41.1N
4.5 110nm 279� ENE 9-12 kts Partly Cloudy Happy Valentine's day.   Light winds again, motorsailing.  Fishing boat about 30 ft. long came over to have a look at us.  They are probably from the Maldives.  We were 200nm from the islands.  Had fresh tuna and salad as a special Valentine's day dinner.  Wind directly behind us - difficult to hold our desired course and very rolly.
13/02/03 6�18.71N
4.5 115nm 280� NE 10-15 Partly cloudy Light winds, Slow day, with sloppy, rolly seas.  Motoring off and on.  Caught a 3-4lb. yellowfin tuna.  Autopilot belt broke - Bob replaced while Judi steered with the emergency tiller.  See lots of flying fish.
12/02/03 6�18.7N
5 6 280� SE-NE 10-35 kts. Squally Left Galle Harbor 12 Feb for Uligama island in the Maldives.  There was little wind and cloud cover.  Just as dinner was ready, squalls, thunder and lightning delayed the meal until 10pm.  It was a very unpleasant night.  Sailing in company with yacht Piquet with Peter and Karen.  They are several miles ahead.
Phuket, Thailand to Galle, Sri Lanka
0/01/03 6�01.95N
3.5 kts 50 nm 265� 3-12 kts P/C Motoring along very slowly.  Anchor down in Galle Harbor at 0800 hours.  Yacht Talinga Too picked up Tramontana about 60 miles from Galle and towed them into the harbour.  We all arrived at the same time.  Argonauta I arrived yesterday morning.
29/01/03 5�56.9N
5 kts 138 nm 262� 8-16 kts. Prtly Cldy Trying to slow boat down as it look like we will arrive in Galle after sundown today.  We are not able to enter harbor at night for safety reasons and the rules of the Sri Lankan Navy. 
28/01/03 6�19N
5.5 - 6.5 kts 138 nm 270� 15-20 kts. Clear Winds increasing and we are flying along at 6.5 up to 7.5 knots.  Seas big and spray sometimes wets the deck.  Unbelievably, Phil and wife on Tramontana are able to steer with just the spinnaker pole and are making 3-4 kts toward Galle.
27/01/03 6�41N
5 kts 140 nm 269� 10-15 kts P/C Winds up and down - engine on, then off.  We still sailing in company with 3 other yachts.  We are about 20 miles from each other.  Sometime even in sight of one another.  Yacht Tramonta, about 40 miles ahead of us, hit something at 1am and lost his rudder.  They are now steering the boat with a spinnaker pole.  We will stay in contact with them thru our SSB radio net.  Best distance run of the trip so far. 
26/01/03 7�24.9N
6 kts 132 nm 268� 10-15 kts P/C A little more wind today and we are making good progress.  We are getting good weather info from www.Bouyweather.com.  We send an email requesting info for a particular Lat./Long. position and they respond with an email containing wind and sea conditions.
25/01/03 7�23.3N
5 kts 117nm 262� 8-12 kts. Prtly Cldy Light winds again so we motor-sailed 2/3 of the day.  Dolphins surrounded the boat at times and the one fish that struck got away!
24/01/03 7�33.8N
4 kts 125nm 270� 8-12 kts. Clear Light winds- 1-2 kt current setting us SE, so must steer more northerly course.  We are making 5-6 kts thru water, but only about 4-5 kts. over ground.
23/01/03 7�37.4N
5 kts 120 nm 269� 10-15 kts P/C Moderate winds today and smooth seas as we approach the Nicobar Islands.
22/01/03 7�39.9N
6 kts 110 nm 268� 10-15 kts P/C Great winds today and helping current.  The winds dropping down in the night.  Make VHF contact with another yacht sailing to Sri Lanka - Talinga Too.   The 3 yachts set up an SSB radio schedule 3 times a day to trade weather and other info.
21/01/03 7�44N
4.5 kts 80 miles 269� 2-8 kts P/C Anchor up at 1015 from Phuket.  Good winds for 2 hours, then very light.  Motor-sailed thru the night.  We left Phuket with S/V Argonauta I .
19/01/03 7�57N
5 kts 15 miles 180� 10-15 kts Clear Fixed loose wire, charging OK. Motor-sailed around tip of Phuket to Nai Harn and anchored with 20 other yachts.
18/01/03 7�48N
5 kts 30 miles 270� 5-15 kts P/C Slipped lines at Yacht Haven noted that batteries were not being charged. Motored to Ko Rang Yai and anchored. 

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