Mar. 2007
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Two Weeks ending 3 Mar 07 (Bob)

Final clean-up and Waiting - For these last 2 weeks we have been wrapping up loose ends such as completing the installation of a holding tank; watching while a surveyor poked into all of the nooks and crannies on behalf of a buyer, varnishing interior and exterior teak so that we can be just of proud of our home the day we sell her as for the last 18 years, and

Closing the deal - On 1 March Leslie and Jim became the new owners of Shannon 38 Hull #1 - to be renamed whenever they settle on a suitable name.  Our ex-Long Passages will be heading north to Myrtle Beach to enjoy a new set of enthusiastic owners and some close-shore cruising for a while . We have mixed feelings, sad to see our home leave without us but looking forward to new adventures.

Selling on our own - In our next update we will summarize our experience in selling our yacht without using a broker.


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