Oct 2001 - Jan 2003
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Singapore - Langkawi, Malaysia - Phuket, Thailand (29/10/01 -04/01/03)



Avg. Speed Distance Avg. Course Wind Weather


4/1/03 8�10.2'N  98�20'E 4.5 15 300� NE 15 Clear Motor-sailed to Yacht Haven, slip B22.
1/1/03 8�14.9'N  98�29.6'E 5 5 0� Light Ptly Cldy Motored to Ko Lang Aen; water very flat this far north in Phang Nga Bay
31/12/02 8�13.6'N  98�31.3'E 5 5 0� NE 5 Overcast Motored in choppy seas to beautiful anchorage N. of Ko Hong. Celebrated New Year's eve quietly.
29/12/02 8�10.6'N  98�29.3'E 5 8 0� NE 5-10 Cloudy Motor-sailed to west side of  Ko Phanak; anchored at south anchorage
28/12/02 7�57.6'N  98�26.7'E 5 5 90� 5 Cloudy Exited Boat Lagoon at high tide near end of day; brief encounter with shoal in channel; anchored at Rang Yai

Apr-Dec 02      Major refit at Phuket Boat Lagoon, Phuket Thailand

Langkawi, Malaysia - Phuket, Thailand

27/3/02 7�57.76'N  98�23.23'E 5 4 270� SW 5 Clear Motored into Phuket Boat Lagoon
26/2/02 7�57.45'N  98�27.23'E 5 25 297� SW 6-12 Clear Motored-sailed to vicinity of Phuket Boat lagoon and then sailed back and forth before anchored at Ko Rang Yai
24/3/02 7�44.06'N  98�46.07'E 5 30 315� W 4-6 Plty Cldy Motor-sailed to Ko Phi Phi Don, anchored on S side at head of bay
23/3/02 7�22.52'N  99�17.19'E 5.5 45 330� NE 6-10
SW 5-8
Clear Motor-sailed by many small islands and fish traps on the way to Ko Muk
22/3/02 6�40.21'N  99�37.89'E 5.5 25 308� SW 5-12 Ptly Cldy Motor-sailed from the NE end of Langkawi round the wet cost of Tuataro and anchored south of the ranger station
19/3/02 6�25.04'N  99�51.93'E 5 20 0� NE 10-15 Hazy Motored around the east end of Langkawi, thru the Inner Channel to a snug anchorage on the NE side known as Hole In The Wall
18/3/02 6�19.13'N  99�50.56'E 5 12 90� E 8-10 Clear Motored to anchorage off Kuah Town
13/3/02 6�11.15'N  99�47.29'E 5 10 143� E 15-18 Clear Another stay-over at Fresh Water Lake.

Singapore to Langkawi, Malaysia

23/11/01 6�11.76'N  99�47.1'E 5.5 10 200� NE 10-15 Clear Sailed to a lovely anchorage at "Fresh water lake"
19/11/01 6�11.4'N  99�50.6'E 4 30 350� NE 8-12 Ptly cldy Winds lightened, we slowed down to avoid arriving at Langkawi before sunrise. Islands are beautiful; reminded us of Marquesas.
18/11/01 5�44.5'N  100�01'E 6 40 322� NE 15-20 Clear Sailed to windward with mizzen and headsails into choppy square waves with helping current.  Brilliant meteor shower all evening! Lots of fishing boats around.
15/11/01 5�24.6N  100�20.6E 4 8 000� NE 8 Ptly cldy Relocated from an anchorage behind Jerejak island to Junk Anchorage near Georgetown with easy access to the city by 'bumboat. Strong adverse current all day.
14/11/01 5�18.8N  100�18.43E 6.5  76 miles 350� N-NE 4-8 Squalls in am & PC Continued sailing through the night with lots of lightning on both the Malaysia and Indonesian side of the Malacca Strait.  Finally a thunderstorm wandered across
13/11/01 4�07.9N  100�26.6E 6.0 kts 90 miles 320� NE-NW 5 kts PC Left Port Klang  at 9am to do an overnight sail to Penang, Malaysia
11/11/01 3�00.25N  101�23.3E 6 kts 56 miles 303� 5-10 kts. NW PC Left Port Dickson and motor-sailed to Port Klang.  Plan to stay 1 day before moving on to Penang.
31/10/01 2�28.5N   101�50.7E  (Admiral Marina) 6 kts 45 miles 300� 4-8 kts. NW clouds/ shwrs Another stormy night in the anchorage.  Motored in light Northerly winds to Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Malaysia.  Plan to stay here for about 6 days.
30/10/01 2�6.39N  102�20.7E (Island of Palau Besar in the Water Islands) 5.5 65 miles 300� 5-18 kts.

25-30 kts. "Sumatra" squalls

Squally/ clouds A horrendous night with "Sumatra" winds in an exposed anchorage 3-4 ft. seas in anchorage and a rough start that morning.  Wind died in PM and we raced, motor-sailing, to the island of Palau Besar
29/10/01 1�28.42N  103� 15.45 E  (Island of Palau Pisang along Malaysia coast) 5 kts 35 miles 300 2-10 kts.    30 kts. in "Sumatra" squalls  PC/ Rain Left Singapore 0830 today and sailed to Palau Pisang, a small group of islands near Malaysia mainland.    Uneventful except for a rain squall 1 hour into trip.   Cleaned bottom of boat with brushes and watched dolphins play in the anchorage.

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