Oct. 2006
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Check out Weeks ending: [7 Oct 06]

3 Weeks ending 7 Oct 06 (Bob)

Waiting for Our Ship - Time has slowed down a bit now that we are not traveling and are in 'wait' mode.  We have been doing small projects around the boat, reading, varnishing, and generally filling time until it is time to load onto the Dockwise ship.

Octoberfest in Spain - The calendar stops for no one and October arrived ... beer in Germany and wherever Germans live.  Spain is no exception as many Germans vacation or have settled here and our friends Hans and Gisela (last seen in 2004 in Antalya) invited us to join them for an evening of beer, wurst, and music.  Judi showed here prowess at the shooting gallery by winning a Simpson doll - thus shaming her macho companions!

Symphony in Palma - But we do occasionally break away from the routine and immerse ourselves in culture - in this case last week when we attended a concert by the Balearic Symphony Orchestra performing pieces by Liszt and Schumann, plus a local composer: Jaume Mas Porcel.  The music was excellent and Phillippe Bender conducted with vigor and enthusiasm.  Brigitte Engerer was the pianist for the Liszt piece and followed that up with an exciting encore to the delight of the audience.

Time with Friends - We have been lucky enough to have several friends in Palma at the moment.  Hans and Gisela on s/y Tunnix are wintering here with their amazing wonder-bird, Costus, an African gray parrot and unlike any bird we have ever seen.  He performs many tricks including shaking hands, waving goodbye and he poops over the side on command!  He loves to go for bike rides with Gisela as she rides around the marina.  Hans and Gisela have several things in common with Bob other than cruising.  Even though their heritage is German, they grew up in Venezuela so Bob has been able to reminisce with them about the country before Chavez. We have shared meals on our boats and attended the Octoberfest with them.

Our good friends, Peter and Jeanette, on Voyager arrived last week to haul out.  We last saw them in Florence, Italy and it has been so good to see them again and catch up on all of their activities. We have had several meals together, celebrated Jeanette's birthday and attended the above mentioned concert together.  They are heading toward Almerimar and are on track to cross the Atlantic this year, so hopefully, we will catch up with them again in the US. 

Next week Bob is flying off to England for a quick medical checkup.  It has been 1 year since his cancer operation and he has had to have checks done every 3 months.  "Fingers crossed," for good results.  Will report more next week.


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