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Dear Persons:

         When you design an itinerary for yourself or for groups who'll come to china. you'll turn to a Frommer's GUIDE,When you come to the page 483 you'll find China's Yellow Stone:Zhangjiajie National Park(China's First National Park &World Natural Heritage .Pipaxi Hotel www.Pipaxi-hotel.com Tang Ming(very helpful guy. manager of hotel marketing dept,CITS affiliate manager.http://www.sl9999.com/ Email/MSN:tangming800@hotmail.com,
TangMing's Handyphone+86-13707445536 you may also go to the website:www.longpassages.org you click the Route and you'll find China and Zhangjiajie and Tang Ming who takes hotel's reservations(47$deluxe room,60$VIP room, hostel's reservations,18$ for standard room

         Now people take Zhangjiajie National Park into China's Highlighted Tour Route: Beijing/Xi'an/Yangtze river/Zhangjiajie/Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou and so on..I sincerely recommend Zhangjiajie National Park as one of your destinations,we can offer you discount hotel reservation, flight tickets reservation and packaged tour,Please don't hesitate to contact with us.

                      Zhangjiajie Four Days Tour Itinerary
D1, You�ll be picked up and transfer to the hotel. Pipaxi hotel
D2, breakfast in the hotel and then transfer to cable car (two ways) to Yellow Stone Stronghold (six-wonder pavilion). Yellow Stone Stronghold is the biggest suspending scenic platform, standing on it you can get bird eye view of the unique rock formation is as wonderful as that of Huangshan, six-wonder pavilion stands on the top of Yellow Stone Stronghold Zhangjiajie national park, it is the only cultural place of interest among the natural scenery, it is very eye-catching, six-wonder refers to mountain, water, stone, mist, species. After lunch you�ll do sightseeing in Golden Whip Stream starting from the �water surrounding four gates? of the golden whip stream, walking along the twisted road in the deep valley packed with many nice spots; such as meeting from far away, save mother by splitting the mountain, drunk arhat, golden whip crag that keep your eyes busy.
Hotel: Pipaxi hotel
D3 breakfast in the hotel, in the morning cable car (two ways) Tianzi mountain, western sea, hundreds of peaks gives majestic air, Tianzi mountain is defined as miniaturized fairyland and expanded bonsai, and then we go to Helong park where we can see Helong bronze statue which is built in memory of marshal Helong, the main place of interest is Helong bronze statue, weaponry room exhibition hall of Helong, and then do sightseeing in the western sea which is large valley walled by high cliff. After lunch, do sightseeing in the 10-li natural gallery, which represent picturesque view
                                                                    Hotel: Pipaxi hotel
D4, breakfast in the hotel and then heading to Baofeng lake which is a very nice lake suspending 72meters high the view around and the reflection on the lake is fantastic, after that drive to the yellow dragon cave in the cave there�s long twisted roads, and many stalagmite and stalactite, the cave is divided into four layers two layers dry caves and two layers water caves, there are a reservoir, two rivers, three waterfall, four ponds, thirteen chambers, ninety-six corrodes, the total distance is 13 kilometers, it is really wonderland underground, unthinkable. See you off at the airport.

Special Experience:
If you like quiet places instead of hot places, now I recommend a little visited but gorgeous place called Yaozizhai -----professional photographer picture- shooting base           
Yaozizhai scenic trail (very attractive place for those who like little-visited and exploring and breathtaking nature, the whole scenic length is 8 Km)
How to Find It
From the starting place of Zhangjiajie National Park, people can see a very big bronze love lock (5-meter high), there is a road right of the lock leading to Yaozizhai, you take a wooden bridge and then you can see the gate of Yaozizhai, after you hike 1980 meters, you come to a cross road where you see a wooden house, overhead of the house you can see an arch 150 meters high, beneath the arch there is a trail leading to the bottom of the mountain, (valley of golden whip stream), you take the left part of the arch for 1.5 hours, and then you come back to the arch and across it and take the right side for your sightseeing for 1.5 hours and then come back to the arch and return to the wooden house and take the trail down(1680m) to golden whip stream , you�ll have extremely nice day.


         Tang Ming


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