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New Cabinets in place of the Pilot-berth  

This was a major construction job, removing a set of crude storage partitions installed in the US, and building in cabinets that match the style of the rest of the yacht.  We built a mock-up, got a quote based on that, and then proceeded with full construction.  See the progression below.

Pilot Berth before.jpg (11787 bytes)

LP Refit port cabinets mock-up.jpg (16366 bytes)

Pilot berth Cabinets in progress.jpg (20604 bytes) 

And the results:
Pilot berth completed aft section.jpg (21068 bytes)      Pilot berth cabinet completed forward section.jpg (19868 bytes)  
Including printer:
Pilot Berth after with printer cabinet.jpg (11677 bytes)


New radar and stereo cabinet 

Just aft of the pilot berth, the radar sat, looking cluttered, on a wet locker that was on the small side.  We expanded it and enclosed the radar, giving it a 'finished' look. In the process, we found a nice place for the stereo, CD changer, and DVD player - a new Media Center!

Wet Locker before 2.jpg (20777 bytes) 

Wet Locker mockup.jpg (15438 bytes) 

The finished product: With enclosed radar and media center

Wet Locker after.jpg (14616 bytes)

Wet Locker after with radar.jpg (18851 bytes)

Wet Locker media center.jpg (18326 bytes)


New cabinets by the companionway

By the companionway, we had covers behind the instruments, and a lot of wasted space.  With string and cardboard we built a mock-up as the Nai and Toe workers looked on bemused, and the next day we told them "build cabinets same, same".  In a few short days, we had acquired storage space for binoculars, EPIRBs, handheld VHF radio, and lots of food.  They look as if they have always been there.

Mock-up on Port: 
Companionway port cabinet.jpg (16042 bytes) 
The new Port Cabinet:
 Companionway port cabinet after.jpg (18075 bytes) Cpnwy port cabinet after with radio and radar dector.jpg (18110 bytes)
and Starboard: 
Companionway stbd cabinet mockup.jpg (11398 bytes) 
and Starboard 
Companionway stbd cabinet.jpg (19849 bytes)
  Binocular door in companionway cabinet.jpg (15414 bytes)


Main Salon Fitted with new Leather Cushions 

 Our current salon cushions and upholstery from Marty's Bag Works in Annapolis had served us well, but too much saltwater and 10 years of service made them look a little shabby.  We looked at leather cushions on several other boats and decided to take the plunge, and are very happy with the results.

Settee port leather upholstery.jpg (11438 bytes)


Replace Cabin Liners

The cabin liners, where the ports are installed, were originally mahogany plywood, which has become damaged over the years, and has always been kind of dark.  We replaced the mounting areas for all ports and installed Formica-faced plywood that brightened the cabin considerably.

Before: Porthole bulkheads before.jpg (8697 bytes)    And now: Porthole and liner after.jpg (11638 bytes)




We had the entire interior, including cabin sole, varnished and all of the bronze polished - inexpensive labor in Thailand ($US10-12/day)  made this possible.

Interior new.jpg (23212 bytes)

And we painted the Exterior


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