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                          Ship's Log

2 Weeks ending 22 January 05                               NEW! - 2004 Travel Map-->

  • Rain, rain, rain!

  • Goings on in Marmaris                             

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               The New York Times has put together an interesting   Asia Tsunami Wave Simulation

Our Story

  For over 12 years we have followed our dream, to voyage around the world!

Bob & Judi
Our Yacht
Long Passages outbound from Fiji.She has safely carried us more than half way around the world 'Long Passages'
Boat Changes

Places & Sea Stories Route and Chronology from 1992 until Today
See where we have visited and read about some of Long Passages grueling times!

Our Travels
Horror Stories 
S America,  S Pacific,   NZ/AustraliaAsia 

Following In Our Wake? Sandy beaches in the San Blas Islands, Panama.
Information for cruisers following in our wake.

Preparations & Equipment
Ideal Cruising Yacht
Galley Tips
Costs & Lessons Learned


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All In The Family

Denis near Montvale, Australia

#1 Son, Denis, visited us in Australia, and is doing well in Tallahassee, Florida.


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